Kid-Friendly Snacks to Fuel Yo

Kid-Friendly Snacks to Fuel Your Road Trip

I love a good road trip with the family, but the constant chorus of “Mom, I’m hungry” can really wear a gal out! Packing healthy “hangry”-preventing snacks everyone will actually eat is a big priority for me: those road side stops like gas stations and fast-food chains are lean on healthier options (and get expensive). With these dietitian-approved recipes and tips below, and a touch of meal prep, keep your home team happy and energized for the entire journey, wherever it may lead. You can find these recipes inside our Fraiche Table Meal Plan (along with thousands of others!).

Women putting cut up pineapple in a class container to take as a kid-friendly road trip snack.

6 Kid-Friendly Road Trip Snacks

1. Yogurt Parfaits

With the use of a cooler bag and some freezer blocks, yogurt parfaits are the perfect car-friendly snack option. Simply prep your parfaits in mason jars ahead of time for a fresh and delicious grab-and-go snack; these Berry Parfaits are sure to be a hit! Try your hand at making your own granola (it’s easier than you think) for an extra packable snack option: this Chocolate Granola is sooooo good! In the mood for something tropical? These Pineapple Parfaits are popular with kids and are packed with vitamin C for a boost of antioxidants for immunity. 

Two class cups filled with greek yogurt, homemade granola and berries to make berry yogurt parfaits.

2. Trail Mix & Granola

If a cooler bag of snacks isn’t your thing, then trail mix and granola can be your new best friends. Both are highly customizable to your families’ preferences (get the kids to create their own trail mix!), and easy to portion into single servings that don’t require refrigeration. These Sweet and Spicy Pecans are the perfect addition to a homemade trail mix. We also love this Honey Nut Granola to enjoy on its own or with yogurt or milk, and this Banana Bread Granola bakes up into delicious snack-perfect clusters. 

A cookie sheet filled with homemade sweet and spicy pecans.

3. Bars & Muffins

When it comes to car-friendly snacks, bars and muffins are one of the first things that come to mind. Since there’s nothing better than homemade, these Pina Colada Oat Bars or these classic Chocolate Banana Muffins are perfect for a long car ride; just don’t forget to pack the napkins for melty chocolate hands! 

A homemade batch of Pina Colada Oat bars.

4. Fresh Fruit & Veggies

Getting enough fruits and veggies in the day can be a daunting challenge, so adding it to snacks is a great way to increase the amount you eat. Really in a time crunch? Just pick up a fruit and veggie tray during your grocery shop and portion into airtight containers or baggies for the road. You can also try visiting the farmers market for a selection of local fruits and veggies for the week. Pack up this delicious Coconut Lime Fruit Salad to put smiles on everyone’s faces. Love dip with your veggie sticks? Check out this addictive Southwest Ranch or Dill Pickle Dip, great options to encourage the kiddos to eat veggies.  

A big serving bowl of Coconut Lime Fruit Salad made of blueberries, strawberries, mango, papaya, kiwi, lime juice and toasted coconut.

5. Sandwiches & Wraps

Sandwiches and wraps are a parent’s best friend: cut them in half ahead of time and enjoy as a packable lunch or snack. These Turkey Pinwheels make for an easy handheld snack or lunch option. If you haven’t tried these Chicken Mango Rainbow Wraps, they are the most delicious combo of protein-packed chicken breast with an array of crunchy fresh veggies and juicy mango your family will love.    

A wrap filled with cream cheese, carrots, lettuce, and deli turkey, which is then rolled up and sliced to make hand help Turkey Pinwheels.

6. Energy Bites

For those with a sweet tooth, energy bites will definitely be your jam. With the texture of cookie dough and packed with fibre, these will become a new car trip essential. These Chocolate Chunk Energy Bites are one of our top recipes: one bite and you’ll agree. The searchable recipe bank on Fraiche Table contains thousands of easy, delicious recipes and makes it super easy to search by recipe type. Simply search “energy bite” for all of our flavour options. 

A bowl of homemade Chocolate Chunk Energy Bites.

Which snack idea are you most excited to try? Be sure to let us know in our Fraîche Table Facebook group, exclusive to Fraîche Table members.  


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