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“This meal plan has changed my life! It is such a load off my mind to not have to make the decisions about what to cook. The recipes are all delicious, exciting, easy to follow and include generous portion sizes so no one goes hungry!“

“My family and I just tried our first week of your free trial and are loving it. Thank-you for creating such a lovely, family friendly, easily attainable ingredient meal plan (and so much more). I have been needing something like this all my adult life and am glad I finally found you.“

“I just wanted to say we have been using your weekly Fraîche meals for many months now and are so thrilled with everything! The ease of knowing what to shop for each week is time saving (game-changing) and the delicious recipes are amazing!“

“Peri Peri Chicken tonight was INCREDIBLE. Told my husband tonight this meal plan has been a life saver! Ive only been using it like two weeks! No brainer grocery lists and the question of "whats for dinner tonight?" Is gone with the wind bc Fraiche Table saves the day!“

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Get instant access to endless weekly meal plans, thousands of easy family-friendly recipes and ready-to-shop grocery lists. Fraîche Table is a game-changing meal plan for busy people.
Are you ready to say au revoir to “what’s for dinner?” worries?

I'm ready, let's do this!

It's Easy as

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    Smart grocery lists make shopping a breeze: no more wasted food, and you’ll never forget a thing!

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    Our simple prep steps make your weekdays easier and gets meals on the table faster.

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    Recipes are easy to make with instructions for any skill level. You’ll feel like a total chef!

Smart grocery lists make shopping a breeze: no more wasted food, and you’ll never forget a thing!

Our simple prep steps make your weekdays easier and gets meals on the table faster.

Recipes are easy to make with instructions for any skill level. You’ll feel like a total chef!

What's for

About Tori Wesszer, RD

That very question once brought tears to my eyes, and sparked the creation of the Fraîche Table meal plan. If you’ve ever felt the same, know that you are not alone.

Hi, I’m Tori, A registered Dietitian and best-selling cookbook co-author. As a working mom with two young boys I was frustrated at the lack of practical options to get wholesome meals on the table (in time for dinner). I needed a tool that was like a virtual assistant – but for my meals.

Imagine having a meal plan that not only offers a tailored menu every single week but also instantly generates your grocery list and offers helpful tips for a smoother week: game-changing. Say goodbye forever to mealtime stress and pricey meal kits. Subscribe to Fraîche Table to join thousands of others who are eating better at home with ease; I can’t wait to cook with you!

Why You’ll Love
This Meal Plan


Save hours each week with our trusted, done-for-you meal plans and ready-to-shop grocery lists. Choose from 60+ curated weeks, 1500+ simple delicious recipes, and customize your plan in minutes!


Say goodbye to expensive meal kits and overpriced take-out. Our streamlined grocery lists reduce food waste, saving you big money. Plus, our recipe ingredients can be found in your local grocery store.


Tired of making decisions? With Fraîche Table, you’ll never have to worry about "what’s for dinner?" again! No more last-minute trips to the grocery store or time wasted worrying about what to cook.


“I feel good environmentally about it, and the cost is definitely more in-line with our food budget.“

- Shannon

“I love that it gives you the grocery list, and that you can change in recipes.“

- Raegan

“What I liked is that I was able to have everything set up for the week.“

- Sarah


Choose your plan and get started!







save $60 per year



What’s included?

  • Dietitian designed plans
  • Weekly meal plans for 2 or 4
  • GF, vegan, & restriction free plans
  • Adjust your preferences at any time
  • Customize your week
  • Interactive grocery lists
  • Delicious recipes added weekly
  • Save your favourite recipes

I’m completely new to cooking, will this plan work for me?

All of the meals are simple to make and include detailed instructions so any level of skill can make them. The ingredients used in the recipes are commonly found in basic grocery stores (not fancy or hard to source!).

Is this a one-time purchase?

Fraîche Table is a subscription meal plan service. We offer monthly and annual meal plans; you will be charged once a month on the monthly plan or once a year on the annual plan. Both plans give you full access to all of the Fraîche Table recipes and curated weeks. Members can cancel anytime from their account page.

What dietary options are available on Fraîche Table?

We offer No Restrictions, Gluten-Free and Vegan plans in Fraîche Table! You can switch your preferences and adjust your grocery list at any time to reflect your dietary preferences. We also offer vegetarian substitutions, nut-free options, and kid-friendly recipes!

Can I print the recipes?

Yes you can print the recipes if you have an active annual membership!


Bon Appétit
Are we
making you

Choose from over 1500 dietitian
approved recipes

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5 Minutes

Anti-Inflammatory Smoothies

0 Servings
30 Minutes

Balsamic Chicken Bowls

0 Servings
20 Minutes

Sweet & Sticky Salmon Burgers

0 Servings
30 Minutes

Taco Salad

0 Servings
25 Minutes

Greek Fish Tacos


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