Welcome To Our Kitchen!

Welcome to our kitchen! Fraîche Table was created by Registered Dietitian Tori Wesszer in 2021. Fraîche Table is a long-term meal plan solution designed to take the stress out of meal times. Our meal plan saves you time, money, and one less decision to make each day. From breakfast to dinner, you can feel confident that your feeding your family (or just yourself) wholesome and delicious food that never gets boring. Plus you’ll find recipes that are exclusive to the platform that you won’t find anywhere else!

Meal times aren’t one size fits all, that’s why we offer meal plans for 2 or 4 people, all meals or just dinners, and gluten-free, vegan, and no restrictions options. Our recipe bank is filled with over 1500 wholesome delicious recipes and you’ll find over 76 curated meal plan weeks in our Week Gallery. Plus, we add new recipes every single week so there’s always something new and delicious to try! Whether you’re a seasoned home cook or new to the kitchen we have recipes for everyone.

Meet Tori Wesszer, R.D.

Raised in the Okanagan, Tori has been surrounded by the freshest and most beautiful food since she can remember. Her family LOVES good food, and her sweet Mom and Ukrainian Granny had her in the kitchen at a very young age teaching her everything they know: she baked her first loaf of bread when she was 10 years old! She is now married to an amazing man who shares her passion for good food and a nice glass of wine, and is blessed with two sweet sons (her boys are already rolling up their sleeves in the kitchen, we love it!).

Tori’s nutrition philosophy embraces moderation and quality without deprivation. You will find that Fraîche Table recipes and nutrition advice centre around sustainable and enjoyable healthy eating. Tori is head over heels in love with food made with the best ingredients, eating in good company and making your table look as gorgeous as possible. She promises that you will love cooking (and eating) even more when you use the right tools and invest in kitchen items that make cooking and baking easy and beautiful to look at. Food simply tastes better when we add those extra touches and slow down to truly enjoy a meal as a family versus grabbing takeout in your car or having kids glued to the TV on the couch during dinner.

Her hope is to inspire you and your loved ones to live more healthy, happy and beautiful lives. Visit www.fraicheliving.com for entertaining recipes, lifestyle and beauty content!