Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I update my account information?

You can update your account information, including your email and credit card information, at any time. Simply click the menu bar in the top right corner (the three little lines) and choose Account. Once you update your information just be sure to click save!

Are groceries included?

This is NOT a meal kit subscription service. The Fraîche Table Meal Plan is a digital meal planning guide that provides a seamless home-cooked meal plan for all weekday meals to help save you time and stress and reduces food waste. Each week you are provided a comprehensive grocery list with everything you will need. All you need to do is shop for your own groceries using the grocery list provided (order them online for optimal convenience!).

Can I change my preferences?

Yes! You can change your preferences at any time. When you sign-up you’ll be asked a series of questions including how many you are cooking for and what dietary preferences you might have. Once you’ve created your account and logged in, click the menu bar in the top right corner, then click on Preferences. From here you can make any updates to your preferences you desire. There is no limit to the amount of times you can update your preferences.

What if I don’t like one of the meals in my week?

No problem! You are able to customize your week completely to your liking, even if that means just switching out one meal! We have an entire resource here on how to customize your week, but the simplest way is to click the “Customize Week” button and adjust whichever recipes you would like. Be sure to save your changes along the way so as to avoid losing any of your precious swaps. Your Grocery List will automatically reflect any of the changes you make! Please also note that customizing your week removes your weekly prep instructions.

Is there a lot of repetition in meals? Many meal plans repeat the same meals through the week.

We’ve carefully designed the meal plan so there is very little repetition in meals (there are some cases where your dinner is repurposed for the next day’s lunch). The huge amount of variety allows you to repeat the meal plan as often as you wish without getting bored of the meals!

What if I’m vegetarian?

We have added a number of different options to flex recipes within the regular plan, including a plant-based option for most recipes. Alternately, you can add dairy products back in to the vegan plan to replace the dairy-free options specified. If you are Pescatarian you can easily add or ‘trade’ fish or seafood to many of the recipes. We are here to help should you need extra support or recommendations for specific recipes!

I’m completely new to cooking, will I be able to do this?

All of the meals are simple to make and include detailed instructions so any level of skill can make them. The ingredients used in the recipes are commonly found in basic grocery stores (not fancy or hard to source!).

We can’t cook at home every night. How will this work for us?

With the option to customize your week, you can remove as many recipes as needed to fit Fraîche Table into your lifestyle! Learn more in the How to Customize Your Week resource.

Can I print off my meal plan?

You can print off your grocery list and weekly overview; however, you are unable to print off the recipes and the weekly plans unless you are on an annual subscription. The meal plan has been carefully designed for optimal convenience at your fingertips, and is easy to access and follow from any device (mobile, tablet, or desktop).

Is this meal plan for weight loss?

While this meal plan wasn’t designed for weight loss specifically, the plan provides healthy options and is centred around whole plant-based foods that make you feel good and may help you achieve a healthier weight depending on your previous eating habits.

Is it easy to cancel my subscription?

While we are sorry to see you move on, you can cancel anytime with the click of a button from your account page. Once on your account page, navigate to subscriptions, and then cancel. Note that you will immediately lose access to the meal plan should you cancel your subscription.

How much time does each meal take to make? What is the time commitment?

Sunday is a prep day, which really takes the work out of getting healthy meals on the table for the rest of the week. There are 1-2 hours of prep on each Sunday (optional but recommended – you can prep as you go) that helps save you loads of time throughout the week! Each dinner takes less than a half hour to make and breakfast and lunches are often prepped ahead.

Are the recipes kid friendly?

The recipes were designed with families in mind (but are interesting enough in flavour if you don’t have kids!) and we’ve included tips to help with picky eaters and ways to flex a recipe.

Are there nut-free options?

Yes, we included nut-free options for all recipes. There is no specific nut-free plan, these options are simply added into each of the recipes where needed.

How does this meal plan platform differ from the previous Fraîche at Home meal plans that were released?

To put it simply, we wanted to take our meal planning game up a notch (or five) versus the previous meal plans, giving you a MUCH better experience with loads of new recipes and features! You may be reading this and thinking – I thought they had a meal plan already? While this is true (pdf format), we have seriously upgraded the meal plan experience with the Fraîche Table digital platform. Gone are the days of trying to flip through recipes, losing your place in the PDF, or not being able to find the file at all. Everything is now at your fingertips. Have a recipe you really enjoyed? Add it to your favourites. Have a week you absolutely loved? Save it to try again later. Not only are there tons of new features we know you’re going to love, but this new platform makes it way easier to put new recipes and weeks in front of you, so there’s always something new!

What happens after the 10-day trial?

Your credit card will be charged according to the plan you selected when creating your account. You can cancel before your trial expires to avoid this charge. Plans will auto-renew unless cancelled.

How often will new recipes and weeks be added?

Every month you’ll see new content on Fraîche Table! New Recipes are added to your Recipes page every single week! With the option to create your own customized weeks, the number of new weeks for your meal plan are endless.

How do I submit feedback?

We would love your feedback on your experience with Fraîche Table! You can click the menu bar in the top right corner (three little lines) and you’ll see the word “Feedback”. This is the best way to submit your feedback to us, or you can email


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