Getting Started

Getting Started

Welcome to Fraîche Table! We are so happy that you’re here, and that you’ve chosen to meal plan with us. We’ve written this resource to be your go-to place for getting started on the platform and learning tips and tricks on how to use it.

How to Navigate the Platform

At the top of your screen you’ll see a “Summary” or “Calendar” button. This provides you with an overview of your week. We recommend adding it to a family calendar, printing this off and putting it in your kitchen, or filling out your Fraîche Menu and have it in a place where the whole family can see it. You can toggle between the “Summary” and “Calendar” button to view your week in different formats. Not only does this help guide you through the week, but it can also help your family have line of sight to what is being served and what they can look forward to!

There is one main menu bar that will help guide you through the meal plan. On mobile, you’ll find this at the bottom of your screen, and on desktop, you’ll find this bar at the top of your screen. There are 4 items here – Recipes, My Plan, Grocery List, and Resources.


Within the “Recipe” tab you will find the recipe bank – a big virtual recipe library! You can tap the heart in the top right corner of a recipe image, to favourite it, and save it to your personal library. If you favourite a recipe accidentally, just tap the heart again to unfavourite it! Simply enter or exit your personal recipe library by tapping or un-tapping the heart in the top right corner of the search bar.


When searching, you can also filter recipes within the recipe bank. Click on the funnel to the right of the search and filter by meal type, dietary restrictions, protein source, and meals! Please note that your recipe bank is automatically filtered by the dietary restriction you have set your preferences to, but you can quickly change this within the filters. You can also add multiple filters, for example, if you’re looking for a Vegan Breakfast simply choose Vegan and Breakfasts and click search.

Search Bar

The search bar is your go-to spot if you already know what you’re looking for. It is also a great tool for when you’re looking for a certain type of recipe, like smoothies or oats. You are able to search the recipe bank by ingredient as well! For example, if you have leftover baby potatoes at the end of the week you can search “potato” or “baby potatoes” and have all of the recipes including this ingredient pop up.

My Plan

The “My Plan” tab is where you’ll find your meal plan for the week. It will automatically take you to ‘This Week’ but you can scroll down on your screen to see last week or up on your screen to see next week! You’ll also find that your plan will take you to whatever day of the week it is, you can simply tap on the day of the week you are looking for to navigate around. Tap on the ‘Nightly Prep’ to see what tasks are recommended for the day. This may be prepping lunch for tomorrow or removing something from the freezer!

Sunday Prep

On the Sunday of your My Plan page, you can find your “Sunday Prep” to get yourself set up for the week ahead. There you can check things off as you go, making it easy to see what you’ve already done. Plus it feels so great to check things off your list! To make the recipes on your list, click START to view the recipe. When you’re done with the recipe, simply click the back button in the top left corner. To keep your prep as lean as possible, we’ve recommended store-bought versions of some items but if you have the time you can substitute homemade versions wherever you’d like – we included our go-to recipes for these items should you wish to go the extra mile! To learn more about how to adapt the plan for your own family, check out our resource here.

Favourite, Swap, or Customize Feature

If you scroll past Sunday and to the small calendar icon on the left of your screen, you’ll find the option to favourite, swap, or customize your week. This is a great tool in case your family loved a certain week that you want to be able to come back to in the future. You can swap your current week or your upcoming week with your favourites as desired. When you’re ready to repeat a favourite week, choose “swap week” and click on the week you’d like to repeat. If you forget whether or not you have swapped out a week, you can always reset it!

Moving through each day you’ll notice some week days include light tasks for the following day (we recommend doing it at dinner time), including thawing frozen items or preparing a lunch for the next day. If you have time to make lunch at lunch time then you don’t need to prepare them the night before if you don’t want to, flex it to fit your schedule!

Customizing Your Week

We have an entire resource dedicated to customizing your week here, please take your time to familiarize yourself with this amazing feature! When customizing your week, please be sure to save as you go because if you exit for any reason, your precious planning will be lost. Your customized weeks are saved to a separate tab in your Week Gallery so you can access them at any time. Swapping in and out, or resetting your customized week functions just the same as the instructions above.

Grocery List

When you click on “Grocery List” you’ll be taken to your grocery list for the week. Always confirm that you are looking at the grocery list that corresponds to your current week by checking for the blue “This Week” at the top of the page. If you are hoping to follow a customized week, please make sure that the week is properly swapped in by scrolling to the calendar icon of the corresponding week on your “My Plan” page.

Your grocery list is interactive, so you can add your own items as needed. You can also check off items as you shop! We’ve integrated your pantry staples right into your grocery list but you can also view them under the “Pantry Guide”. We recommend starting with a fully stocked pantry so you’re never left scrambling in the week; plus, it also means smaller grocery shops!

If you’d curious about substitutes for certain foods, check out our Substitution Guide here for recommendations.

Your grocery list is also printer-friendly. Click on the little printer icon in the bottom right corner to print your list, just be sure your device is connected to a printer first. Or check through the interactive list live while shopping in the store, while connected to wifi, or on data!


Here is where you’ll find nutrition articles, little tips and tricks for in your kitchen, and other helpful resources. You’ll find helpful resources such as tips for managing picky eaters, freezer veggie guide, ingredient conversion lists, and more! This library is continually growing, so check back often! If there’s ever something you want to see here, we’d love to hear your feedback.

Managing Your Account & Meal Plan

One of the great things about Fraîche Table is the ability to change your plan at any time! You’ll see three little lines in the top right-hand corner of your screen, this is where you can manage your account. This dropdown menu takes you to 7 key places:


Account is where you will find all details about your account including your contact information, billing information, the current plan you’re on, and past payments. If you need to update your credit card information, email, or want to switch from the monthly plan to the annual plan this is the place to do it! Should you have any issues with these actions please contact and we can help!

How To

If you’re on this page, then you know what the How To section is for! This is a place you can refer to at any time for a refresher on how to best use the platform.  

Week Gallery

This page will show you ALL intact weeks in the meal plan. A scroll tab at the top shows you each dietary preference so you can explore all plans. It also shows “Custom Weeks” which is where you can find all of your personal creations at any time. From this tab you can also create a custom week from scratch. If you do so, please be sure to swap it into your week from your “My Plan” page in order to have your groceries automatically update. You can also save and customize weeks from this page if you do not wish to make adjustments from your “My Plan” page.


Here you can update any dietary restrictions, how many people you’re cooking for, and if you want all meals or just dinners. You can change these an infinite amount of times, making it perfect in case your kids come home from college and you’re now cooking for 4 or if you have anyone coming for dinner one night! You’ll notice we have added Plant-Based and Gluten-Free options right into recipes so that you don’t have to be switching from plan to plan. To access the full plant-based or gluten-free recipe, simply change your preferences to that respective plan, or adjust your dietary preferences in the recipe bank and search for it


Your feedback is SO important to us, Fraîche Table wouldn’t be what it is today without it. We welcome both positive feedback and constructive criticism here! Remember, please always be kind as we are real people behind these screens!

Contact Us

Should there be anything else you need to contact us about, this is the place to do so. Please send us an email at with your inquiries.

Well, there you have it! Everything you need to know to get started with Fraîche Table. If there’s anything we might have missed here please let us know (you now know how to). We encourage you to check out the other resources like How to Customize your Week, How to Adapt the Plan For Your Family, and How to Navigate the Plan so that you are totally set up for success!


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