8 Meals to Prep for a Summer G

8 Meals to Prep for a Summer Getaway

As the temperature rises and sunny days get longer, there is no better time for a summer getaway away to feed the soul. Whether you’re heading off to a cabin in the woods, a lakefront cottage, camping, or simply enjoying longer days outdoors, we get it can be a challenge to find meals to prep that will keep your family fuelled, energized, AND happy. Don’t fret! We’ve rounded up a mix of prep-ahead and easy to throw together recipes (and bonus tips) for your summer getaway. Without further ado, here’s 8 quick meals for your summer getaway. 

A woman smiling and holding 4 meal prep containers that she has prepped for her summer getaway.

Meals to Prep for a Summer Getaway

1. Overnight Oats

Ever find your digestion gets out of wack on vacation? Then this breakfast option is a life saver! These Cookie Dough Overnight Oats are kid-approved (really, who doesn’t love chocolate chips at breakfast) and packed with gut-friendly fiber to keep things moving.  Plus, on a hot morning it can feel great starting your day off with something cool.

Tip: Make a batch of these in mason jars before your trip for easy breakfasts on the go all weekend.

2 glass jars filled with cookie dough overnight oats, topped with chocolate chips, and spoons in them.

2. Egg Bites

Egg bites make a great breakfast booster or grab and go snack for anytime you need a little burst of energy. We recommend trying out these Veggie Packed Egg Bites to sneak in extra veggies, but feel free to customize them with your favourite cheeses, veggies, and other fillings.  

Tip: Enjoy these with a slice of whole grain toast or fruit salad for a complete breakfast, or on their own for a satisfying snack to keep you energized throughout the day.  

A plate with a breakfast meal on it including a slice of buttered whole wheat toast and four veggie packed egg bites.

3. Freezer-Friendly Breakfast Sandwiches

Starting your day off right with a balanced meal fuels you for activities ahead. Not only are these Sheetpan Breakfast Sandwiches freezer-friendly to keep things quick, but they come together in just a few simple steps. Feel free to use whatever veggies you have on hand to mix into the eggs, and pile on your favourite toppings.  

Tip: Does your family wake up at different times on vacation? Make these breakfast sandwiches ahead and freeze individually so everyone can simply heat and eat them at their preferred breakfast time.  

Awood board with a breakfast meal on it which is sheetpan breakfast sandwiches made of egg and veggies on a English muffin.

4. Pizza Party

Forget the takeout pizza because these unbeatable Taco Pizzas are the perfect combination of two classic favourites. Pizza crust and tomato sauce become a canvas to whatever variety of cheeses, veggies, and meats you enjoy. Serve with your favourite side salad to round out the meal. 

Tip: Make these into a build-your-own pizza bar with naan bread or pitas in place of pizza crust for a single serve option, with a variety of taco-themed pizza toppings for a customizable family-style meal.  

A cutting board with a dinner meal on it which is a Taco Pizza. The pizza is a crust with tomato sauce and topped with taco toppings like  ground meat, tomatoes, avocado, cilantro, jalapeños, and sour cream. A slice is taken out of the pizza and is in the background. This meal is perfect for a summer getaway.

5. Better Burgers

Nothing screams summer holiday like the smokey aroma of grilling burgers. Bored with regular beef burgers? These Teriyaki Chicken Burgers add a little something different. Utilizing the grill on summer getaways helps keep the cottage cool and adds delicious grilled flavour to your meal.  

Tip: Grill any remaining leftover pineapple for a delicious addition to yogurt or on ice cream for a tasty treat.  

Two plates with a dinner meal on each of them. Each plate has a chicken teriyaki burger on it. The burger is made of a bun, grilled chicken breast with teriyaki sauce, red onion, lettuce, and grilled pineapple. There is a jar of the homemade teriyaki sauce in the background. This meal is perfect for a summer getaway.

6. Time Saver Lasagna

Lasagna doesn’t have to be a lengthy meal to prepare. Our Deconstructed Lasagna comes together in 30 minutes and will definitely be a family favourite. Serve with a side salad or a veggie plate for extra nutrition. If you’d prefer a prep ahead meal try this Rustic Italian Lasagna or these Spinach Lasagna Rollups.

Tip: Got extra veggies like half a zucchini or carrot on hand? Grate it up and throw it into your tomato sauce while cooking for an extra boost of nutrients. 

A pan of deconstructed lasagna. This includes lasagne noodles, tomato sauce, ground meat, basil, parmesan, and ricotta cheese.

7. Elevated Sandwiches

Sandwiches don’t have to be boring! Homemade honey mustard levels up simple sandwich ingredients in these Honey Mustard Turkey Sandwiches. This recipe is perfect to pack for a fun filled day at the beach, just don’t forget your cooler blocks! 

Tip: Make extra honey mustard for a tasty dip or dressing for the entire weekend.  

A wood board that has a Honey Mustard Turkey Sandwich on it. The sandwich is made of 2 slices of whole wheat bread, roasted turkey, lettuce, tomato, avocado, pickles and homemade honey mustard. This meal is perfect for a summer getaway.

8. Pasta Salad

Pasta salad is a summer picnic favourite for a good reason, it’s so easy to prepare ahead for easy meals or as a side dish on vacation. Bring along this Greek Pasta Salad if you’re getting together with family or friends for a barbeque on your trip. It’s sure to be a crowd pleaser.  

Tip: Pasta salad tastes even better the longer it sits (for up to 4 days), so make an extra big batch for the fridge for a quick side dish, snack, or easy lunch. 

A large bowl of Greek Pasta Salad including bow tie pasta, tomato, lettuce, peppers, cucumber, red onion, feta, and homemade greek dressing. This meal is perfect for a summer getaway.

Bonus Tips

1. Hydration Station

Nothing ruins a vacation more than heat stroke from too much sun. Find fun ways to keep your kiddos hydrated with a mini hydration station. Keep extra cutup fruit and flavoured fizzy waters in the fridge for mix and match low-sugar concoctions they can call their own.  

2. Big Batch Salads

You may not be surprised we had to include a nod to our Big Batch Salads. Summer getaways are no exception to our recommendation to keep a salad in the fridge for extra veggies all weekend long. Use up whatever leftover veggies you have, and pair with your families’ favourite dressings. 

With these simple meals and tips in hand, take back time out of the kitchen while fueling your body for an adventure packed weekend of fun and relaxation. Enjoy these recipes (and hundreds more!) all summer long: you can find them all on Fraîche Table. 


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